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Simon Peter Bible Study

Ever since I can remember, Peter has been my favorite disciple! As we read the four gospels and the Book of Acts, we see in Peter a flawed human being, yet one whose faith is unmistakable. We see someone who, despite his best efforts, sometimes gets it wrong; yet, at other times he surprisingly gets it right. Sometimes he seems to be filled with fear; at other times he is filled with the Holy Spirit and therefore courageous and eloquent. Sometimes he seems like a blundering fool; at other times, he is able to speak and act boldly. We see a man who struggles with guilt and experiences forgiveness. In Peter we see how God can use a flawed human being to accomplish extraordinary things. Thus, I am encouraged and inspired, indeed, my own faith strengthened, as I consider the life of Peter.

Therefore, I am very pleased to introduce our next video-based Bible Study by Adam Hamilton: Simon Peter – Flawed but Faithful Disciple. Once again, we will offer the study at 6:00 p.m. on Mondays as well as 12:15 p.m. on Wednesdays. Just pick the day and time which works best for you.

The schedule is as follows:

January 21 & 23 The Call of the Fisherman

January 28 & 30 Walking with Jesus in the Storms

February 4 & 6 Bedrock or Stumbling Block?

February 11 & 13 “I Will Not Deny You”

February 18 & 20 From Cowardice to Courage

February 25 & 27 The Rest of the Story

Cost of the book which accompanies this video series is $14. Pick up your book in the office, read the first chapter and plan to join us in the Minnema Room on Monday, January 21, or Wednesday, January 23, as we seek to apply the lessons of Peter to our own lives. And one more thing: Bring a friend!

Grace and peace,


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