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Bring a Friend to Church!

Advent Greetings!

On Sunday, December 3, we will observe Invite a Friend Sunday at First Presbyterian Church!

Why? We have a remarkable gift to share with friends and family, and that is the abundant life made possible through Jesus Christ. Also, it is in worship that people are frequently most open to the life-changing and transforming power of Christ. Furthermore, at this time of year, people who are not in the “church habit” are generally more open to the possibility of attending a service.

How? On December 3, simply be present for the 10:00 a.m. service, and bring with you a friend or family member who doesn’t typically attend worship.

Whom should you invite? Here are just a few ideas:

  • the friend who was raised in the church but hasn’t been involved as an adult;

  • the co-worker or classmate who sometimes asks questions about God or the church;

  • the family member going through a difficult time;

  • the neighbor who recently moved to town but so far hasn’t found a church home;

  • someone you like, who will be blessed through an encounter with Jesus Christ.

The goal: to share the warmth of God’s love with as many people as possible by helping them to connect with God through worship.

Naturally, we will extend a warm First Pres welcome to guests during the service as we typically do, and the sanctuary will be beautifully decorated for Advent and Christmas. We will strive to offer a service which is meaningful and inspirational. And afterward we will show our visitors hospitality through a wonderful reception and cookie contest in the Dining Room and Auditorium.

Each one, bring one: Plan to bring at least one guest to worship on Sunday, December 3! Imagine the joyful noise we will make as we fill the sanctuary with people and as we sing God’s praises together.

See you on the 3rd!

Grace and peace,


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