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Manse Update

We are meeting on groundhog day with our contractor to finalize the kitchen layout and determine what needs to be demolished. This old house " has good bones and character " and when all the work is done any pastor and their family will be happy to live in it. And in Ridgewood to boot! We are planning to have additional fundraisers and we will update the congregation on the progress of the manse and amount of money raised. To reduce costs a painting & planting party will be planned when the time comes and we will be asking for volunteers! We hope all members will take this project to heart, take a leap of faith, volunteer and donate to the renovation of this old house.

(From Parsonage Stories)~ "I was a preacher's kid and grew up in parsonages. When I was young, my mother would say, not entirely jokingly, "Don't bleed on the carpet! It's not our carpet!!" For a few years we owned our own home. My mother would say, not entirely jokingly, "Don't bleed on the carpet! It's our carpet!!" What's a kid to do??!! :-)"

If you have any questions regarding the manse renovation project please call the church office and a member of the manse committee will return your call.

Manse got a new roof in December!

Eric's roofing did a great job one mild December day!

Now it's up to us to commit to this 100 year old building.

Please send in your donation and note in memo area of your check "manse".

All contributions will be matched up to $50,000 by our Endowment Committee.

And may all who reside here in the future be blessed, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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