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Resources for Emotional and Mental Well-being

Dear Friends,

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, life as we once knew it has been turned upside down. Understandably, people are frightened; people are feeling anxious. It is as if the ground is shifting underneath us. Those things which once secured us have lost their ability to do so. What was once normal is no longer normal. People are feeling unsettled, even disoriented. 

While I have attempted in recent sermons to offer spiritual guidance when it comes to responding to the coronavirus challenge, there are also many resources available to help us care for our mental and emotional well-being during these stressful  times.

The Presbyterian Mental Health Network has developed a “short list” of helpful resources - which you will find by clicking on the following link:    

While you may find that this “short list” of resources is not so short, it is conveniently divided into the following four categories:

  • For Everyone

  • For Children

  • Congregations, Clergy, Church Leaders and Mid Councils

  • People with Pre-Existing Mental Health Concerns

For additional information or support, you may call me at 215-337-5623.

Grace and peace,


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