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We Want to Hear from You!

You probably know that our church is in need of a installed Pastor/Head of Staff. Before we can do anything, however, we need to determine the criteria that will be used in our search. And that’s where all of you come in.

As the first step in our search for a Pastor, we have assembled a mission study team comprised of a cross section of members that has been tasked with identifying the needs of both the members of our church, as well as the broader community in which we are located. To do this, the mission study team will soon hold a series of “town hall” style meetings in order to find out what is most meaningful to you about our church, as well as those areas where you believe we can improve or where things may be missing altogether. Through a combination of meetings with members, meetings with key personnel within our community such as the mayor and chief of police, and even census data, the goal of the mission study team is to compile a comprehensive report outlining where our church is today and where we sense God calling us to be in the future. Since any such report is only as good as the information used to put it together, please start thinking about your own involvement in our church and plan to share your thoughts and experiences with the mission study team when it begins holding meetings in early January.


The Mission Study Team

Britt Tunick, Jess Strader, Bruce Crocco, Lew Dickenson, Rick Friedl, Marcia Unger, Don Weyant, and Rev. Bruce Ballantine

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