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MaryEllen Castaldo

Director of Children & Family Ministries:

MaryEllen Castaldo rejoined First Pres as Director of Children and Family Ministries in 2018.

She had previously served in that position with the church from 2002-2011. She then worked as

teacher in the Montessori Learning Center in Ridgewood for six years, but felt called to return to

church ministry. MaryEllen shared, “Working as Director of Children and Family Ministries

brings me tremendous joy - not only to be part of a great ministry, but also part of a warm and

wonderful community of people. In sharing God’s word, we encourage the children by making

learning exciting, inviting and fun, emphasizing the importance of God’s love in action and

leading them to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.  I bring to the church a deep faith and

commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

MaryEllen attended Bergen Community College, majoring in Early Elementary Education. She

and her husband Peter live in Hawthorne. They have two sons and two grandchildren. Her

passion is teaching and working with children of all ages.  Her pastimes include art, cooking,

baking, reading and spending time with friends and family.

(201) 652-2504

MaryEllen Castaldo
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