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  • Jessica Strader and Transition Team

A Note from the Transition Team

Friends and Family, As we begin the new year, I find myself contemplating the idea of new beginnings and resolutions. Unlike most of my prior New Years, I feel like my new year began months ago. I, and the fellow members of our Transition Team, have spent countless hours on 'new'. We have brought in new ministers to preach each week, we welcomed those who wish to become new members, we've discussed new abilities and skills we wish to see in an interim pastor, and we've begun this process so new to many of us to find an interim pastor. The more I hear about the New Year the more I wonder, "How much newer can it get?" Well... I have a little (new) good news! I am pleased to write that we have received matches of potential Interim Candidates through the Presbytery Church Leadership Connection (CLC) and the process of contacting, interviewing, and narrowing our search has begun. This is an incredible blessing to us all as we wind down from the hectic holiday season. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Through all of this newness, God has been present at every Transition Team meeting and He has continued to bless our church and its members. Our advent sermons were beautifully thought provoking. Our timeless Christmas traditions in our church were upheld by our members. We have all come together during this time of change to make a new beginning - a new resolution for our church. I believe that a New Years resolution is a promise you make to yourself. This year I'm making a different type of resolution; I'm making one to our church. I resolve to give my heart to our church. I promise to treat the physical church facility as I would my own home, to watch over our congregation and our visitors, to reach out to those who cannot always make our service. I pledge to continue our search for an interim with compassion, grace, patience, and enthusiasm that I pray will not end quickly, as some resolutions do. I will pray for the members of our church and our community, that they will be filled with hope, peace, joy, and love throughout the coming year. What is your New Year's Resolution? Jessica Strader, on behalf of the Transition Team

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